Our Story
Welcome to Mazara! We are an online South Asian jewellery brand based in Vancouver, B.C. Mazara was born out of our love for Indian jewellery and the important role it has in our cultural identities. As kids, the stunning colours of meenakari and beautiful kundan and polki designs always fascinated us when playing with our mom’s jewellery. Thus, we decided to name our brand Mazara after our mom’s pind in India.
Through Mazara, we hope to share the beauty of South Asian jewellery with you. We specialize in an assortment of elegant, yet affordable jewellery including, necklace sets, earrings, nose rings and bangles that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a piece for a wedding you are attending, a bride looking for the perfect set to complement your pre-wedding outfits or just someone looking for everyday jewellery, we have something that fits everyone’s style.
Our Mission
We believe that, like jewellery trends, culture is dynamic and ever changing and so Mazara was built on the philosophy that gender and cultural stereotypes should be broken and that inclusivity and equality should be promoted. Putting on your favourite pair of earrings or necklace can instantly make you feel like royalty. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and should be able to express themselves without fear of discrimination.